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Today's Readings     Saint of the Day

March 2018
Mar 3 - Women's Morning Retreat - True Joy - Fr. Steven Larion (Descanso CA)

Mar 3 - Behold the Man II - Various Speakers (Covina CA)

Mar 4-8 - Father's of Mercy Parish Mission - Fr. Joseph Aytona, CPM (San Diego CA)

Mar 9-10 - Bridging the Generations Men's Retreat - Philip Rivers and Others (Poway CA)
     You can also visit the Parish website to register St. Michael Church

Mar 9-11 - Men's Spiritual Exercises Retreat - Miles Christi Fathers (Oceanside CA)

April 2018
Apr 27-29 - Women's Spiritual Exercises Retreat - Miles Christi Fathers (Oceanside CA)

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